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Here you can find some work of mine on Linux kernel & other stuff.

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Name License Description Links
Version: 0.11
GPL This is a patch that allows a qdisc to mirror traffic that pass to a special net device where you can run tcpdump.
You can easily find out what goes in default class, for example.
iproute2 patch
sch_log.c kernel module
README (how it works)
All files at once
mark_in_u32 GPL This is a patch that allows u32 classifier to match also the mark.
It was included in 2.6.11-rc1 but it may be removed because of ematch.
htb_tools patch
Announce on lists
kernel patch
iproute2 patch
sch_dup GPL A queueing discipline that simulate the packet duplication.
To achive the same, you can use sch_netem if you use a kernel version >=2.6.8-rc1.
Announce on lists
v0.1 (stand alone version)
Patch for kernel
Patch for iproute2
sch_ooo GPL A queueing discipline that produces out-of-order packets.
The tar.bz2 contains the module (q_ooo.c -> q_ooo.so) for iproute2.
This was merged with sch_netem (sch_delay) in 2.6.8-rc1.
v0.1 (standalone version)
Patch for kernel